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August 1, 2014

And a couple of links to videos.

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  1. meoskop

    You just prompted me to update that post with our stop gap position. Thanks tho, I can’t say we’re super diligent about tagging but we want to be mindful and make and effort at consistency.

  2. Dana

    Thank you so much for the links to the humor pieces about Canadian novels (and once you get there, Irish novels). I laughed so hard. I needed that!

  3. Amy Jo Cousins

    RWA, I learned from a comment by Amber Lin on my Wonko post, does indeed have a harassment policy that was printed in the front of our conference handbook. I will be emailing them to update them on the incident I described. I do think that a more visible posting of the reporting options, etc. would be useful, as people like me who do not get around to reading all of the conference handbook could probably use some help. 🙂

  4. Michal

    I had a set of novellas accepted by Eggplant for publication before I became aware of the problems with the two anthologies; I got a contract, mailed it, and then didn’t hear a thing for over a month until I got an email informing me the publisher was shutting down. From what I understand, the contributors to Spindles & Spellbound weren’t informed directly at that time about the closure.

    It’s up in the air whether the two fairy tale anthologies will come out at all.

    I would point authors disappointed in the situation towards The Book Smugglers’ call for fairy tale retellings– except that it just closed!


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