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  1. Liz Mc2

    My usual attitude to William Giraldi is strong disagreement but I think his Harper Lee pieces are pretty spot on.

    • Natalie Luhrs

      Liz, mine too! But he was pretty much right this time!

  2. I_Sell_Books

    Y’know, as a writer, and as a reader, I love Go Set a Watchman. In some respects it is a more important than TKAM. More political than TKAM, it is not a story about racism in the South. It’s Scout’s story, it’s about her growing up. I don’t know how often you see such stories about women growing up – I can think of a few authors (Catherine Cookson, Sarah Orne Jewett, Edith Wharton, Jean Rhys, Charlotte Perkins Gilman), but beyond that I’m struggling. And I work in an Indie bookstore. I’m just sayin’.

    Yes, at times the prose is clunky, and the ending is absolutely rushed. Scout isn’t particularly likeable. And then there’s the whole Atticus issue – because yes, he is a racist. He’s a racist in the way that many white people of that era were (and are), nothing overt, just a solid belief that black people aren’t mature enough to handle their own business. I am not at all surprised that the reviewers have not talked about the scenes with actual black people in them – it’s a nest of vipers they either haven’t noticed (again, no surprise), or they don’t want to talk about because those scenes are important enough.

    TKAM stems from GSAW, but they are completely and utterly different books. GSAW is not the morality tale of TKAM, but one woman’s personal journey. There is gorgeous prose that makes me weep for the author, and I wish I knew why she decided not to publish more of her work, for she is well deserving to be listed in the ‘greatest American authors’ in my opinion.

    But then, I’m just a WOC, what do I know…

  3. Selki

    The lyrics on that plate in the picture!

    Now I want to watch Sleeping Beauty again.


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