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July 4, 2014

Two things I read this week and loved:

And a few updates on WisCon:

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  1. Selki

    Blackwater: Horrible.

    Charitable fundraising: whoah, hate it when efficiency (fund-raising, low admin overhead) conflicts with goals and decency.

  2. Cerulean Spork

    new wiscon post from one of the original ppl who reported frenkel , describing how she complained when she FOUND OUT FRENKEL WAS SUPPOSED TO BE ON PANELS THIS YEAR ! ! ! has anyone said anything abt this & did i just miss it ???

    bc she warned them that they were setting themselves up for huge trouble by letting him come back

    & so they took him off the panels –but still let him come & hang out & volunteer as we all know

  3. Cerulean Spork

    eta : altho stephanie zvan says she didnt report frenkel TO wiscon @ the time i consider her part of last yrs incident report bc 1 she posted in solidsrity w elise as part of the “me too” chorus that is the result of these dams of silence springig the 1st leak

    & 2 , she did so on a big interdisciplinary blog tying it into the ongoing overarchin discussion of sexism & power in BOTH the science & science fiction communties

    so if wiscon admins were unaware of it what w all the trackbacks & links to it on other blogs like yrs @ the time , it must have taken some doing

    (woke up MORE gobsmacked @ the thought of THE WORLDS MOST FEMINIST CON(tm) puttin frenkel ON PANELS there is not enf coffee in the world to deal w this level of wtf @ any hour )

  4. Selki

    Unholy wow, Cerulean Spork. I hadn’t heard about that. And the Wiscon 38 co-chair just posted her apology to Dreamwidth: somewhat unsatisfying, especially after reading what you’ve linked to above.

  5. Cassie

    “Polynia” seems to have been taken down. I’m sad, as I’d really like to read something of his that you enjoyed, since I’ve only read Perdido Street Station and that made me really furious and I may have thrown the book.


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