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Written by Natalie Luhrs

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July 3, 2015

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  1. Selki

    I like Leckie’s thoughts about guacamole. What I’m not sure of is how many people are actually enraged over putting peas in it (seems unlikely to me, but I know some people who have hard lines against raisins in scones, beans in chili, etc. … but rage?) or just another slow news day.

    Space dogs had a lot of stuff I didn’t know.

    Slave tours: I’m happy to say that when I toured BrookGreen Gardens in SC 10 or more years ago, they made a large point of talking about the hundreds and hundreds of slaves who labored and died to create the pretty rice plantation (now an outdoor sculpture museum).

  2. Veronica Schanoes

    The essay about monsters and humans is kind of meh for me. I mean, no shit, most people who do terrible things are people; right, that’s all we have, there are no such things as demons. But they are also monsters. Just because people don’t think they’re evil doesn’t mean they aren’t, and just because they do charity work or are kind to their aged mother doesn’t mean they can’t be monsters.


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