Links: 06/20/14

Written by Natalie Luhrs

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June 20, 2014

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  1. Ouranosaurus

    Just wanted to say thanks for putting together all these links. Like a lot of people, I’d never heard the term Breendoggle until this year, and it’s quite a shock that something like this went on for so long, and is still going on, in some ways.

    A lot of times I’ll see a pile of steaming horribleness like this dragged out of the depths of fandom, and my instinct is to clap my hands over my ears and sing “La la la la I can’t hear this!” [Skips off through a field of privilege and buttercups]

    Of course, that’s not the way to build a better fandom. You have to know the true history, and what’s going on now. So thanks for trawling through all this for the rest of us. It’s good work.

  2. J. B. Whelan

    I still think you should have gone with my Angelfire idea. 😉

  3. bluestgirl

    In addition to the wealth of excellent voices you highlight every week, I want to thank you in particular for the fact that you also highlight a piece of art as well. I always enjoy the work you select, and I love that you always include them.

    (And the glasswork this week is stunning!)

  4. charlotte

    I loved the embroidary–thanks for the link! (and the others too, but the embroidary made me happiest!)


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