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June 12, 2015

Hey, so it’s been pointed out to me that the image I chose for this post is potentially triggering for folks –I am sorry. If you want to see the image, you can see it here. It’s an image from Eliza Bennett’s “A Woman’s Work is Never Done”, in which she has embroidered calluses on her hand.  I will try to be more mindful in the future when selecting images for my posts.

And, then, well. This happened. And all of fandom was plunged into war. Again.

Has there been any more fan writing about this? I’d really like to read more fan perspectives as I work my way through the giant pile of angry thoughts I have about this. I feel like the fan perspective is important, for a lot of reasons: first of all, most of us are doing this because we actually do love the community and most of the people who make up the community. Second, we often have more at risk: fan labor is almost by its very definition free labor, we have smaller platforms, and what happened to Irene Gallo is chilling across multiple axes.

I stand in solidarity with Irene Gallo. I respect the hell out of her and her work and I think she is doing amazing things with art direction. She makes an incredibly difficult job look effortless and easy.  And publicly chastising her for what she said on her personal Facebook page was wrong.

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