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May 2, 2014

hyacinth cat

Cats make everything better. Everything.

Cats make everything better. Everything.


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  1. Fred Davis

    Always fun to reread whenever Anne Rice does something ridiculous in public: The Red Beans Anne Rice Affair from the 90s.

    AKA, that time Anne Rice got so annoyed by the idea of the exterior decor of a new restaurant in New Orleans ruining a scene in a book she’d written that she started a weird advertising campaign in the local new orleans newspapers against it.

  2. Ann Somerville

    I saw that purity ball exhibition last year when we were in Malmo, Sweden. At first, I thought they were just cute daddy/daughter pictures, but they became more and more creepy. Then I found the information on the exhibition and that *really* creeped me out. Guy’s a fantastic photographer, which only makes the overall impact even worse.

  3. Cora Buhlert

    As for the article about hiding a pregnancy from the Internet, this is exactly the reason why I always feel nervous when googling pregnancy related issues and visiting pregnancy sites for research purposes. And when I needed to take folic acid supplements for recurring canker sores, I asked my Mom to buy them, because she won’t be mistaken for pregnant due to her age, while I would be. And the last thing I wanted was to be inundated with ads, flyers and catalogues for baby stuff. Mind you, I wasn’t even pregnant. So how much worse must it be for those who actually are?


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