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April 25, 2014

Carved Goose Egg by Peregrin71

Carved Goose Egg by Peregrin71

First up is Hugo reaction posts!  Luckily for me, Stefan’s been collecting and collating them (and doing a great job) over at his place so what follows are just ones that I thought were interesting for one reason or another.

And now on to other things!

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  1. hapax

    I sometimes think that you have the best links roundups anywhere.

    Seriously, these should have the tagline “I Read Teh Entire Internetz So You Don’t Have To.”

  2. delagar

    Yes! These link pages were what first drew me to the Radish!

  3. A. Nuran

    Re: the bronies post

    If an adult is skeeving on little children he MUST be stopped. No equivocating. No justifying. No excuses. The only question is whether you call the event organizers or the police.

    “I was all ready to be a Tough Guy but decided not to because it just wouldn’t be right to police her decision.” For the love of farking gawd she decided to seek protection because she was afraid.

    If he’s coming around, take his damned picture. Call the police. Give the cops the picture. Get her to talk to them. They may not be able to do much then and there, but it will put some healthy fear into him, and a record of police contact will do some real good the next time he targets a kid, which he will do unless someone stops him.

    • Natalie Luhrs

      @A. Nuran: I’ve been thinking about this since you commented. I applaud the OP’s desire to protect the child from being further traumatized by police or con organizers. I support the right of people who have been raped to choose not to report, so I think it’s important to recognize the child’s wishes here, too–it is NOT THE VICTIM’S FAULT if the rapist rapes someone else.

      But one also wants places with children in attendance to be safe for them. I don’t know if there’s a way to satisfy both imperatives here. What I probably would have done would have been to let the child’s parents know that there was a situation with a predator and give them a photograph–they would know their child better than I would in terms of their resilience. Not sure if the con in question had a harassment policy/procedure or not; I know some cons have anonymous reporting procedures in place and it would have been appropriate to report anonymously and keep the child’s identity out of it if it had been an available option.


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