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April 10, 2015

hugo-poopThis week, the big story in my corner of the world is (still) the Hugo award nominations.  However, I don’t have it in me to collect all the links I’ve read–there are a lot of posts and think pieces and more than a handful of articles in mainstream media outlets.  Which is exciting!

I bet it annoys Brad Torgersen to no end to see his name misspelled in so many interesting ways. I know it would bother me, and on that front I am a tiny bit sympathetic.  But otherwise, I hope he takes some time to read this from George R.R. Martin because it’s becoming more and more clear that this really has diddly to do with the so-called invasion of SFF by evil evil evil Social Justice Warriors and more to do with Torgersen and Larry Correia’s sadness that they didn’t win the times they were nominated in prior years.  Sad puppies, indeed (get off the cross, Brad: we need the wood). I’d also like to point to Larry Correia’s 2011 Worldcon report–if you read it, it sounds like he had a pretty decent time and the mass shunning and rudeness that he claims now.

And at the same time, we have Vox Day, making threats in the comments at File 770 in which he declares that if No Award comes in first in any category that no one will ever win Hugo in that category again.  Hey, Vox? Are you six?

And then here’s Brad Torgersen telling us to grow up and trying to distance himself from Vox Day which is, well, really rich on his part. Consider that Larry Correia reached out to GamerGate for assistance before the supporting membership deadline and then used his commenters to deliver names of Social Justice Warriors to same shortly afterwards so, presumably, his hands would remain clean. I wonder who suggested to Correia that he contact GamerGate? I wonder what Correia was hoping to achieve by doing so?  Attempting to distance yourself from Vox Day and his GamerGate buddies at this point in time is too little, too late.  You don’t get to take any sort of moral high road on this. None.

Anyhow. Mike Glyer at File 770 has been doing a great job collecting links and analysis and if you really want to read more about this, you could do worse than his Hugo Awards tag. I’ll be nominating Mike for Fan Writer next year for his work on this even though he already has ten million Hugos. Good work is good work and collecting all this in one place is a heck of a lot of work.

…and I just went to my links folder and that well is dry, friends.  So instead, here are some award winners and shortlist that seem to be quite full of excellent things to read:

And I just finished reading Max Gladstone’s Two Serpents Rise which was a lot of fun and had a delightfully twisty plot but was marred by what I felt was a rushed ending. Nevertheless, I’m planning on reading Full Fathom Five very soon.  And I also just started reading Elizabeth Bear’s Karen Memory and holy wow, the voice (I’m not that far into it so that’s about the only opinion I have right now)–very different from Bear’s other novels.

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