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April 3, 2015

Cut Paper Bacterium by Rogan Brown

Cut Paper Bacterium by Rogan Brown

Hey there, beautiful people! My first week at my new job has been really awesome and I’m having a lot of FEELS about it, but while I process that on my own, how about some links?

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  1. JC

    Re: the article about “obesity”: I know it’s a business, and I know how I and other large people are suffering at the hands of doctors about this “disease.” But, I had a doctor who prescribed me low-grade amphetamines for weight loss. It worked like a charm. For two years (2011-2013), not only was I rarely hungry, and could manage on 700 calories a day (or less), I was FULL of energy to work out 2 hours a day. The pounds dropped off. Then she retired, and the person who took over my medical care refused to prescribe them to me. I never took more than the daily prescribed dose, so it wasn’t like I was abusing the pills, but once the pills were no longer available, I was back to being ravenous every day, and back to having no energy to exercise. And back are all the pounds. I think I’m angrier that I can’t find a SINGLE doctor (I’ve gone to 4 different ones since my doctor retired) to prescribe me the pills that helped me be “healthy” than I am that my doctor wanted to medicate me for my weight.

  2. Selki

    Marissa Lingen on welcoming was interesting, and the dresses slideshow was gorgeous.


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