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January 30, 2015

Marilyn from Mean Fat Old Bat sent me this and I find it to be marvelous so I share it with you all. (Marilyn, incidentally, is not the least bit mean; I can’t speak to the other adjectives.)

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  1. VilcaRomba

    The Guardian article is outdated now that Wikipedia Arbcom has finalized its list of sanctions. The list is here:

    Eudaimoniac Laughter describes the major players here: Several long-term Gamergate accounts were up for sanctions, so the Guardian’s argument that it was only disposable accounts from the Gamergate side at risk is not correct.

    Taking the two together, it looks like what happened overall is:

    * Of the six people (5 editors, 1 admin) that Gamergate was trying to push off Wikipedia for having a ‘feminist agenda’ or something, one (the admin) did not receive any sanctions at all. Two received scoldings. Two were topic-banned from editing any articles relating to gender or sexism controversies, including Gamergate. One was banned from the Wiki. (This one, Ryulong, was accused by Gamergate of taking bribes to edit Wikipedia, but it looks like Wikipedia did not find those accusations credible. Rather, according to another post by Eudaimoniac, it looks like Ryulong said that he would not be able to abide by the sanctions that he was likely to get, so he was just banned instead. See: )

    * Of the 3 long-term Gamergate accounts up for sanctions, all were topic-banned. One was additionally put under a bunch of administrative sanctions.

    * The KotakuInAction (Gamergate Reddit) admin Logan Mac was also topic-banned.


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