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Scrooge McDuck Money Dive

Written by Natalie Luhrs

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March 23, 2016

Scrooge McDuck Money Dive

One of the wonderful things about living in the future is the ability to find out about all sorts of things that can be purchased. This is also one of the terrible things about living in the future–because if you’re anything like me, your desires far outstrip your budget. But oh, it is fun to look and pretend that there’s no ceiling on one’s spending.  (And this assumes, of course, that one takes care of living expenses and charitable donations first.)

So with that in mind, here are three things I’d buy if I had a swimming pool full of money.

Nakaya Fountain Pen

These are extraordinary works of art and I want one in the worst possible way but I also do not have and will likely never have $750 (minimum!) to spend on a writing instrument. So I’ll content myself with Leigh Reyes’s Instagram feed which often features Nakaya pens, among other delights.

Daniel Smith Watercolors

This is my favorite brand of watercolors and I would like one of each, please. As it is, I have a list of about 20 colors I want to get and they range in price from $10 to $18 per 15 ml tube at Dick Blick so I’ll be buying 3-5 tubes at a time for the next few months. I mean, some of the colors I want are actually ground up gemstones.

Linen Sheets

I wear a lot of linen and it’s a long-standing dream of mine to get linen sheets for my bed. Linen’s a wonderful fiber–it doesn’t need to be ironed, you can throw it in the washer and dryer no problem, and it only gets softer the more you wear it. And it’s fantastic in the summer–but I wear it year round. I don’t know why linen has a reputation for being difficult to care for–if you want it pristine and crisp, sure, it’ll be a pain in the ass, but otherwise? It’s great. And it wears like iron, so it’s a great investment.  That said, these sheets are something I’ll have to put on the someday list–for that day when I magically become independently wealthy.

In conclusion, I remain:

Scrooge McDuck Swimming in Money


(Next week: affordable fountain pen recommendations! I could do office supply recs all the live long day!)

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