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September 20, 2019

I know, it’s been a while. Life’s been hectic and hard this summer, more about it in next week’s Weeknotes post.

My garden is winding down for the year. I’m going to have to dig out the hyssop, as it’s really not doing well, and the liatris, which just gets too top heavy and I can’t be bothered to stake them. So I’ll have some free space in the middle back of the garden next spring for some new plants–by preference, something that flowers in August and September. Looking forward to garden mail this winter and the planning process (which will be upturned by the inevitable trips to the garden center and impulse buys that happen there).

I did manage to get out and pull weeds a few week ago and last week, I swapped out the “welcome” flag for a “love always wins” flag and added a brand new rainbow flag. I really need people to lay off the flamingo jokes–I have two artsy looking flamingoes that I like and that’s plenty. Plastic flamingoes fade pretty badly, pretty quickly, and I don’t want to keep replacing them.

I am contemplating paying someone to clear out the flower bed under our bedroom window and planting peonies there.

Have a great weekend, y’all.

  • I’ll be loving you forever – Really fantastic essay about growing older and going to see a band you’d been a fan of during your teenage years.
  • Searching for The Sundays – Another great essay about being a fan of a particular band in a particular time of life, and like the prior one, it’s more about the author than the band itself.
  • (Don’t) fear the feeding tube – While my experiences of medical nutrition have been different from the Kayla Whaley’s, I really struggled with being on parenteral nutrition and I hated it from beginning to end.
  • “Old age” is made up—and this concept is hurting everyone – I thought it was really weird how the author of this piece really only mentioned disabled people in passing instead of centering them (us) along with older people. There’s definitely overlap between the two groups and similar needs for accessibility and employment and wants for stuff that doesn’t scream old or disabled.
  • I gooped myself – And this? This just made me laugh and roll my eyes a lot.

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