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August 7, 2015

I need a small break from compiling links posts (I’ll be back next week), so let’s talk about the adorableness that is a-ha’s video for “Take On Me”.

We have a young woman–who is wearing sensible clothing!–reading a comic book and she literally gets pulled in and has an adventure! She’s a little bit passive, but it’s clear she knows what she wants and that would be Morten Harket. Can’t say that I blame her on that front. There’s some conflict with the pipe wrench fight, she escapes out of the comic book and then, when she gets home, she gets the guy!

It’s awesome and I love it–especially when you look at other videos from the decade.

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  1. Jane Routley

    Yes I’ve always loved that video too. Morten is hot!

  2. wol

    I wanted Morten Harket, too. I was nine, and he had the honour for my first experience of sexual attraction.

  3. Selki

    You’re right, it’s awesome. I hadn’t thought about her clothing before but yeah! Also that is a cool illustrative style in the comic book. I actually thought comic-book Morten Harket was cuter than IRL, but we all have our prefs. My reading: comic-book MH saw the pretty girl looking at him, and decided he could do better than hanging around race cars, but the (other?) race car drivers were jealous.

    I don’t think I’d ever heard Velcro Fly before, much less seen it, but I bookmarked it to show a friend and laugh together. So much wrong.

    I’ll cop to a weakness for Duran Duran, though.

  4. TrishEM

    One of my favorite videos ever! I don’t know if the other cycle-racers were jealous of her so much as they were mad that he chose spending time with her over the bros.
    Of course, there’s always the Literal Videos interpretation that the other racers were mad that he was messing around with the Magic Frame. (I trust you’ve seen some of the Literal Videos? They make me laugh.)

  5. TrishEM

    @TrishEM: No, actually, looking at the video again, they were clearly already enemies in the first race, before she “entered the picture,” so to speak.


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