Friday Links: Ugly Leggings Edition

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September 17, 2021

It’s a grey day here in Delaware and I’m doing my best to stay awake after only four hours of sleep (chronic anxiety-fueled insomnia + 8 am therapy appointment = very tired Natalie who couldn’t go back to sleep), so I’m at the library making a post for you.

I had a fun day earlier this week–for certain definitions of fin. I changed my insulin pump’s cartridge and tubing right before bed and put the business end in a new spot on my torso. The adhesive was a bit wacky, but not something completely unusable and I change them every three days, so I could live with it. The next day, my blood sugar was high all day, no matter how much insulin I threw at it. I went to bed, worried that I was coming down with something. I happened to wake up at 5 am and checked my sugar–still high. So I gave myself even more insulin and then decided to feel around the adhesive holding the cannula in place. It was damp–and my fingers smelled of insulin. I hauled myself out of bed to change the tubing–and when I pulled the existing one off, I noticed that the cannula was bent in two places. I guess I learned a thing–don’t faff around with new infusion sites right before bed and when having what appears to be a resistant high, actually check the infusion site the way your pump tells you to. I am super competent at this diabetes stuff. Every day is an opportunity for me to learn more!

…and my SSDI application was filed this week, so that’s at least something.


  • What Got Left Out of LuLaRich: An interview with Meg Conley – I really liked this interview a lot–it talks about how the documentary doesn’t address a number of things, including race, manufacturing conditions, and religion. They do talk to one employee who talked about not wanting to get on a boat with a few thousand white ladies (she was hilarious, I loved her as much as I loved the internet drama sleuth washi tape lady), but apart from that, crickets on race. And on the workers who were actually making the ugly leggings–there’s an entire aspect of the supply chain that the documentary just ignores. I mean, talking to garment district workers who aren’t Nice White Ladies doesn’t make for as unhinged a viewing experience as Nice White Ladies who were burning through $65,000 a month in bonus checks and ruining their lives but–it would have been nice to see. And the whole Mormon/prosperity gospel (the two are not the same, but in this situation they are linked) is a key part of why the Stidhams believe and act the way they do.
  • How to Help Your Friend Living Through Trauma – This essay by Kelly Hogaboom is really good. They recently went through some medical hell and this is in part about that, but also about how to support someone going through trauma–medical or otherwise.
  • The White House Wants to Talk to Nicki Minaj About Her Cousin’s Friend’s Balls – Sorry not sorry.

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