Friday Art: “Blood Issues”
Blood Issues: Anger Cycles

Written by Natalie Luhrs

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May 6, 2016

I had outpatient surgery earlier this week and I am really not feeling well, so here is an in-progress series of watercolors that I am calling “Blood Issues”.

I’ve been doing an art piece every day this year, you can see all the posts over at Instagram if you’re so inclined.

Links should be back next week. Be well.

Blood Issues

Blood Issues: Anger Cycles

Anger Cycles


Blood Issues: Chaos



Blood Issues: Uncontrollable



Blood: Issues



Blood Issues: This or a picture of my insides. Your choice.

This or a picture of my insides. Your choice.

I do plan on writing in more detail what’s been going on with me from a medical perspective, but I need to not be in the middle of uncertainty and conflicting emotions when I do so. What’s going on is quite serious and life altering, but it is also controllable and there is an end point. So when I am able, I will talk about this in more detail.

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