Flapping My (Rotting) Meat

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May 27, 2014

You know what? If you’re going to insult me, make it a GOOD one.

Bryan Thomas Schmidt, you’re a writer and editor.  Certainly you can do better than “rotting meat”.

BTS Rotting Meat

I was going to do a Storify, but Bryan Thomas Schmidt started deleting so if you want to see the whole thing, here’s a screenshot. It’s pretty awesome.

This is pretty awesome, too:

BTS Polite

Can’t. Stop. Laughing.

Oh, and the post’s title? A reference to one of my very favorite SF short stories, Terry Bisson’s “They’re Made Out of Meat”–which is a first contact story told from the POV of some aliens. Highly recommended.

ETA: Bryan Thomas Schmidt seems to have spent last night complaining about being bullied (someone please explain to me how I can bully someone who has almost three times more people following him on Twitter than I do), lamenting that he wasn’t being given ally cookies, and proclaiming that he only wanted to help.  Screencaps ahoy!

Charles Tan also notes that the “Omarosa” post from last June has been deleted and provides a link to the Google cache.  I also screencapped and criticized it last year.  And I’m going to repeat myself: Bryan Thomas Schmidt, you don’t get to set the terms of engagement or otherwise control the conversation.  You are not an authority, no matter how much you believe yourself to be one.

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