Faith in Humanity: Restored (For Now) or, The 2014 Hugo Award Winners

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August 17, 2014

Look at this list of awesome Hugo Award winners!

Oh, my heart. Fandom.

And yes: there are a few parts of the nominating and voting results that warm the very cockles of my heart. Like “No Award” coming in fifth place for Best Novelette.  Delightful.

My main entertainment today, apart from watching the Hugo livestream has been watching my new bird feeder in the back yard. We have goldfinches and house finches and cardinals! So far!

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  1. delagar

    Kameron Hurley winning and Ann Leckie winning were my two favorite moments. Third was Randall Monroe, with the bonus of that acceptance speech.

    (And yes, the lovely, lovely news of the Fifth Place in the Novella Award was a fine bonus moment!)

    What a wonderful year!

  2. Jason Burnett

    I watched the Hugo livestream and was *quite* thrilled with the results.

    (And while I’m not usually one for Schadenfreude, the 5th place novella result warmed my heart.)

  3. Jay Wolf

    I missed the livestream but went bounding for the results breakdown just to see it for myself. I was so pleased to see Ann Leckie won the Best Novel race.

  4. Rick Moen

    As someone who was there, I can tell you it was an exhilarating evening. Kameron, Ann, Cory, and Mary were delightful. About the only thing missing was a Orphan Black victory in BDP Short Form. (I guess I’ll console myself by re-watching S1 and S2 on the way to Shamrokon.)

    Rick Moen

  5. Beth N.

    I’m following enough SFF folk that I could keep up with the Hugos on twitter. I smiled the whole time and completely forgot the potential for schadenfreude ’til the next day!

  6. Merrian

    I wanted Orphan Black to win but apart from that was very happy, especially because I had read all the winners and feel vindicated. Also I’ve just seen Mary Robinette Kowal’s regency dress on twitter – makes me even more happy. I’ve been saving Bk4 ‘Valour and Vanity’ and will now go and read ad my celebration


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