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May 30, 2014

It has been a long week on multiple fronts and I just don’t have it in me to compile a links post this week. Just too much going on and not much of it very good.

So instead, here’s a cute illustration of a potato (more here or here).

Tiny Potato Believes!

Tiny Potato Believes!

So let’s all have a good weekend, take care of ourselves, and do the thing. Because tiny potato believes in you–and so do I.

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  1. A.C. Wise

    *hugs* That is all.

  2. Beth

    Tiny potato FTW!

  3. Kari Sperring

    Very, very good wishes
    Kari xx

  4. Bugsie

    Sometimes it’s the simple things like a tiny potato that make us realise that the world isn’t all shit. Thanks for being awesome Natalie.

  5. Charlotte

    I love it! thanks.

  6. Eugene

    I hope this week is a vast improvement. Also, thanks for linking to the creator of Tiny Potato! I couldn’t find the artist credit before, but that image sits on my desktop right now, and it encouraged me through a big deadline.

  7. MadLogician

    And I believe in you both!

  8. J

    Hi All! Im trying to get the backstory about the tiny potato. Is there a reference to anything? Is it just a random potato drawn cute and thats it? Is there some sort of inside joke to it. Because it cute, but i honestly dont get it.

    • Natalie Luhrs

      There’s a link in the post to the Facebook page it’s from–it’s its own thing, there are a whole series of cartoons with Tato.


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