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June 20, 2015

hugo-poop I’ve been thinking a lot about giving abhorrent views attention–I mentioned this in my post the other day, and I’ve continued to think on it.

On one hand, you are giving them attention so they can crow about making people upset (and then there are the comments, ugh the comments).

On the other, by not calling attention to it, you’re allowing it to go unchallenged and by not calling it out, you’re tacitly approving. Silence is complicity.

I don’t care if you think they’re jokes. And I know full well what kind of context they’re coming from, when your Twitter feed is full of you taunting people who are grieving and angry over an act of terrorism perpetrated against their community and you have pictures of yourself with guns and your Facebook profile pic is pro-waterboarding. I know exactly what kind of asshole you are and you can’t slither out of responsibility for your words because you think they’re jokes. You are a hateful, vile, and pathetic human being, Michael Z. Williamson.

And Williamson’s Hugo-nominated work, “Wisdom from My Internet” is execrable. It should never have made it to the ballot–and it wouldn’t have, if the Puppies hadn’t gamed the system with coordinated slates.

So I’m putting screencaps of some of the nastiness I found on your Facebook page below the jump–because I believe in shining light into dark corners.

MZW Privilege

(original post)

MZW Rosa Parks

(original post)

MZW Immigration Jokes

(original post)

MZW Evolution

(original post)

MZW Charleston
(original post)

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