Crowd-Sourced Links: 08/22/14

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August 22, 2014

My in-laws are in town, so I don’t have time to do family things and compile a full-length links post.  Feel free to drop interesting links in the comments–in the mean time, here are a scant handful (and a pretty picture):

Wee adorable embroidered bunny by Chloe Giordano. Lovely work.

embroidered bunny  by chloe giordano

embroidered bunny by chloe giordano

I like the idea of having an open post once a month for all of you to contribute links–what do you all think?

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  1. DameB

    I liked this artistic critique of the Spider Woman covers. ( Who at Marvel thought it was a good idea to hire Milo Manara? I love his smut but… he is a SMUT artist! I expect this sort of nonsense from DC but Marvel should know better.

  2. HelenS “So let’s talk about This Shit Right Here (that’s an link), in which technology consultant Jeff Reifman accuses Geek feminism blogger Leigh Honeywell and advice columnist Captain Awkward of harassment.”

  3. Charlotte

    Here is the program for KidLitCon 2014– Blogging Diversity in Young Adult and Children’s Lit: What’s Next?
    October 11 and 12, 2014 Sacramento, CA

    It would be great for the news to reach beyond the relatively small children’s book blogger world, because we have some great speakers!


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