Bad Life Decisions: Chapters 27 & 28

Written by Natalie Luhrs

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August 4, 2015

I have the best-worst news, everyone!

The total for the fundraiser is $5,125! There was a Very Large Donation made to an eligible organization last week–I didn’t get the receipt until today but I’m not inclined to split hairs.

So I’ll be finishing Eternal Warriors™: The War in Heaven™ as planned. Mary Robinette Kowal will perform at least one snippet in her phone sex voice as promised. And–well, it’s probably best if I just show you my receipt from AbeBooks.


After I take a break to read some books that don’t suck and write some things that I’m terribly behind on, I’ll read Eternal Warriors™: The World in Shadow but instead of livetweeting the experience, I’ll tweet the best-worst bits and then write and post a detailed review.  I will also do the same for one of the other two books, Rebel Moon or Summa Elvetica. That one is donor’s choice.  I don’t want to spend the rest of the year #readingVD and this seems like a reasonable compromise.

My goal is to read book 2 in September and have the review up by the end of the month. I’ll devote October to the other title, same timing for the review.

Without any further ado, on to the current book!

War in Heaven, Theodore Beale

Chapter 27: The Shame of Chemosh

She was just always so mouthy, gosh.

Just a reminder, this is what Christopher currently looks like, courtesy of @thenerdbrarian and @Mea_Glitch:


I have to say, though, that I don’t find Jesus’s rationale for why Christopher should follow Him very convincing.  Basically, it’s follow him or go to hell. This is an argument that has never made sense to me and it pains me to see this fictional depiction of Jesus (one with brown skin, white hair and red eyes–is he a drow or something?) falling back on these platitudes. Come on, this is a fantasy novel–you can do better than this!

Chapter 28: A Lion Roars

This is the cheapest kind of religion: belief and deeds aren’t worth anything, all that matters is saying the right magic words and it doesn’t matter what sort of shit you’ve done in the past, none of that matters. This is what gets us televangelists crying on television about committing adultery or put in jail for fraud. I suspect that this is supposed to be an example of grace–unearned and unexpected–but it comes across as entitlement. This isn’t mercy or grace, this is a privileged teenaged boy behaving abominably because he feels poorly done by and then being forgiven because he’s really sorry.  Quiet boy, kept to himself.  It’s an apologia for horribleness disguised as religious belief and it makes me sick.

You want redemption? That’s redemption.

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