Bad Life Decisions: Chapters 25 & 26

Written by Natalie Luhrs

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July 30, 2015

Exciting news! The goal of $2,000 has not only been met, it has been exceeded! As of this writing, we’re $25 short of a stretch goal: Mary Robinette Kowal reading a passage in her phone sex voice.  And I’ll be reading the entire novel, so that’s a thing as well.

War in Heaven, Theodore Beale

Chapter 25: Citadel of the King

*dick boop*

Right. So we get a few pages of description of Heaven and then Jesus shows up to advance the plot. And not even by that much. Just a little bit.

Chapter 26: Ruins of Righteousness

I am so angry at this book right now. Angrier than I thought I would be–obviously, Beale has always been more interested in Christopher as a character, the fact that the Christopher chapters were slightly more interesting was a pretty big clue. I was hoping that Jami and Holli had more purpose than to just sacrifice themselves for their brother after taking on some of the blame for his complete and total shittiness.  The text makes it crystal clear that Christopher bears little to no culpability for the fact that he is a terrible human being who has a history of punching puppies. No, he’s just a poor wounded soul whose heart bears hurts inflicted by one of his younger sisters, the one he doesn’t like very much.


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