Bad Life Decisions: Chapter 29 and Author’s Note

Written by Natalie Luhrs

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August 6, 2015

Imagine this book in the middle of that explosion. Oh yes. That’s a lovely mental image.

I’m going to hold that in my head as I read the second book in this series next month and as I read Summa Elvetica in October.  Why, you ask? Because this project has managed to raise $5,125 dollars for RAINN and other organizations doing similar kinds of work and, well, I apparently like pain.

War in Heaven, Theodore Beale

Chapter 29: I’ll Be Watching You


Author’s Note



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  1. Karaeir

    Thanks for doing this, it was briliant! (And I feel for you, getting through must have been tough)
    But I mostly wanted to point out that Narnia books probably aren’t as great as you think, I’ve loved them as a child and recently I’ve found Ana Mardoll’s deconstruction of the series… and oh boy. I really erased from my brain/just didn’t notice a lot of bad stuff in these books. Seriously, you should read them again or check out Ana’s website.
    Also: I’m kinda sad that “The War In Heaven” was that bad (I knew it was going to be like this bc Vox Day, but ehhh) because books about angels have a lot of potential… especially if the person writing them isn’t that much into christianity side of things. For example, in my country we have a series of really popular fantasy books about angels where God has basically disappeared one day leaving his Seraphim in charge (or rather they decided that they are in charge) and everything is really grey, the “good” angels are not any better than most “bad” angels and everyone is confused. And angels shoot guns. And Lucipher never wanted to be a ruler or a chief rebel, but he complained and then things got out of hand. And lake of fire is a popular holiday resort. Also, everyone has anime hair colours. General awesomeness all around. Of course, Vox Day could never write anything as good.


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