Bad Life Decisions: A Clarification

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June 2, 2015

Well, it seems that my fundraiser for RAINN has gotten a lot more attention that I expected.

War in Heaven, Theodore Beale

I feel like I should clarify something here: while I am pretty sure that Theodore Beale’s Eternal Warriors™: The War in Heaven™ is not my sort of book, I’m also going to do my best to read and write about it in a way that is as fair as I can be.

I was a professional book reviewer for 8 years. Based on the random reading around in this book I’ve already done, I can already say that I’ve read significantly worse, at least in terms of competence with the English language (a few self-pub before self-pub was cool titles come to mind).

I do expect that I will disagree vehemently with the theology in the book: Beale’s Christianity is not my own. Not even close (and for the record: I do identify as a Christian; I also don’t talk about it in public).

I’m not saying that I’ll wholly refrain from snark or jokes, but I know my limits and being snarky or funny in a sustained way is usually beyond them.  I’ll also be doing my best to keep my comments to the text itself and expect the commentariat here to do the same: what you do elsewhere is your business.  There will probably be GIFs.

As of this writing, the fundraiser is at 66% of goal. That gets us to the end of Chapter 17. I’m still hoping that I’ll have to read the whole thing.

I’ll start reading next week (probably a bit earlier than June 11) and my goal is to read around 25 pages at a time, starting and stopping with complete chapters.

If you want to make me read more of the book, a donation of at least $5 to RAINN (or equivalent organization; I will also count donations to anti-racism/anti-hate organizations) along with proof and the amount of your donation to mercurysalts at pretty-terrible dot com will make that happen.

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