At The Bias: Fixing World Fantasy

Written by Natalie Luhrs

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September 7, 2016

“Japanese Maple” by ozma. CC BY

Japanese Maple” by ozma. CC BY

I’m over at The Bias this week talking about three things that World Fantasy can do in order to fix the ongoing and persistent issues with their conventions:

The Board needs to take specific and actionable steps to modernize and professionalize their organization. Their other option is to cease operations. There are other organizations who can provide professional development and opportunities to writers and editors in the field. There is no need for writers and publishers to continue to subsidize willfully incompetent local organizations through membership fees.

The Board must change its culture from one where they receive the glory while “officially” doing very little of the work to one where they are active stakeholders in the ongoing health and well-being of the World Fantasy Convention.

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