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January 11, 2016

David Bowie returns home.

I also love this response to “Space Oddity” from Peter Schiller:

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  1. Laughingrat

    A day I thought would never come, hoped would never come. And I agree, Schilling’s song is also so beautiful, the ultimate work of fanfiction in a way. I feel so baffled. Bowie has always been there; Bowie abides. And now he’s gone. His poor family must be devastated, too. The only positive thing is that today, it feels like all of us are united, if in sorry.

  2. Laughingrat

    @Laughingrat: *sigh* “in sorrow,” that should read, of course.

  3. Selki

    @Laughingrat:@Laughingrat: “Earth below us, drifting, falling, floating weightless, coming home”

    Bowie left behind a lot of great music, and at least as important, he expanded our acceptance of weird.


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