2015 Hugo Award Nominees Announced


So this happened.

Congratulations to everyone who chose not to game the system. Special congratulations to Noah Ward, who I expect will have a very strong showing this year.

You fucking assholes. I hope you’re happy.

World Science Fiction Society? The Hugos are broken. You might want to look into fixing them. Somehow.

(I can’t take credit for the logo: it arrived in my inbox, unattributed.)

ETA: I have some more thoughts here.

Links: 04/03/15

Cut Paper Bacterium by Rogan Brown

Cut Paper Bacterium by Rogan Brown

Hey there, beautiful people! My first week at my new job has been really awesome and I’m having a lot of FEELS about it, but while I process that on my own, how about some links?

Links: 03/27/15

…well, not really a links post this week. I’m on vacation from my day job (new job starts Monday), so I figure I may as well take a break from the links post, too.  Instead, here’s a GIF of Mulder in the red speedo in honor of the announcement of an X-Files miniseries.


You’re welcome.

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Embroidery on advertisement by Hinke Schreuders

Embroidery on advertisement by Hinke Schreuders

Not a lot of linkage this week–I’ve been spending dramatically less time immersed in social media over the last week, so the cupboard is a bit sparse.