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May 31, 2013

fragOl by James Farr

fragOl by James Farr

And speaking of the SFWA Bulletin column as referenced in that last link–I managed to get my hands on a scan of the column in question. It’s every bit as bad as everyone says–and I figure that the only way to make things better is to shine a bright light on it so. I’m sharing. I’m not an SFWA member, but I have been contemplating joining as an affiliate member and these kinds of shenanigans make me wonder if it’s worth my time and effort. At this point, I’m leaning towards “no”.

Mike Resnick:
Lady writers? Lady editors and publishers? NOPE, NO SEXISM HERE. Also, a lady totally told them it was okay to write this stuff and as everyone knows, one lady speaks for all ladies.

Barry N. Malzberg:
Let me translate: “I don’t know who any of you lady complainers are and I don’t care. Censorship!”

Translation: “Hey, romance novels sure have a lot of steamy covers! And they are clearly wank material for ladies! These lady complainers are hypocrites!”

Hey, Mike Resnick: If you knew anything about romance at all, you’d know that many readers are uncomfortable with those covers and say so quite often. And romance is about more than getting off, you ASSHOLE.

More Resnick:
So 97% of Africa has the same culture? It’s all the same? Really? And you went to one region of Africa and think you can extrapolate to an entire continent from that?

It was at this point my husband started yelling at the computer when I let him take a look at this. Mostly incoherently because this doesn’t even follow. I thought men were supposed to be all logical and shit. Huh.

And finally, there’s this conclusion from Resnick. I can’t fucking believe he goes there. I really can’t.

Oh, you want to read the whole thing? Click to embiggen. Or here’s an unedited OCR conversion (courtesy of Arachne Jericho).



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