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December 1, 2017

Today is World AIDS Day. Here’s why this day is so important. This is a day of awareness, but it’s also a day of mourning.

My time off work and off social media was wonderful. I read two books that I’d been meaning to read for months (reviews coming soon), read a metric ton of short stories (reviews coming soon), wrote an essay, played way too much Animal Crossing on my phone, and cleaned out the spare room so it’s usable by people who aren’t me.

I’m going to continue curtailing how much time I spend on social media, because the last couple of weeks have made it really clear that spending more than about an hour is emphatically not good for my mental health and my ability to work on projects. This is how I feel about most of Twitter these days. I am trying to be more conscious about how I spend my time and being more thoughtful about my online experience is a big part of that, along with actively making time for writing and other creative work. And, as Clive Thompson writes, social media keeps us stuck in the present and makes it more difficult to see larger trends and contexts.

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