Links: 07/31/15

Bad Life Decisions: Chapters 25 & 26

Exciting news! The goal of $2,000 has not only been met, it has been exceeded! As of this writing, we’re $25 short of a stretch goal: Mary Robinette Kowal reading a passage in her phone sex voice.  And I’ll be reading the entire novel, so that’s a thing as well.

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Bad Life Decisions: Chapters 23 & 24

Only $105 more to my goal of $2,000 for RAINN (or equivalent organizations)! Can we do it? I sure hope so, because once I hit the last paid-for page, I’m done–in fact, if you’ve been meaning to donate and haven’t yet, I suggest you do so now: I won’t be counting anything sent to me after this Friday, July 31.

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Links: 07/24/15

Fossil Sitting In Sun Light

Bad Life Decisions: Chapters 21 & 22

Current fundraising status!

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