2017 Capclave Schedule!

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October 5, 2017

I’ll be heading to Capclave tomorrow afternoon, where I am hoping to see many excellent people and attend some excellent panels. I’ll also be on three panels that, I hope, will also be excellent.

Romance and SF/F (Friday, 8pm)

A significant number of science fiction and fantasy books are reviewed in publications such as Romantic Times and nominated for awards in the romance genre. Were the genre line distinctions always artificial? What are romance readers’ expectations with respect to the plot and its resolution? HEA vs. the tragic romance. Is romance handled better or worse in YA SF/F? Are certain types of romance plots (such as first love) more likely to show up in YA? (Catherine Asaro, L. Penelope, Natalie Luhrs, K.M. Szpara (m), Lezli Robyn)

I Hate His/Her Politics, But I Love His/Her Books (Saturday, 3 pm)

Should a personal evaluation of an author be separated from how you view his/her politics? Many people refused to see the movie Enders Game because of Orson Scott Card’s statements on homosexuality and other writers charge that political views influence award nominations and who is picked for con programming. Is this true and if so, is it a good thing or a bad thing? (K.M. Szpara (m), Natalie Luhrs, Shahid Mahmud, Ron Garner)

3pm Sunday Reading Outside Your Genre for SF/F Writers (Sunday, 3 pm)

Panelists discuss the non-genre works that have influenced them and why it’s important to read outside of genre. (M’Shai Dash, Natalie Luhrs, Malka Older, James Morrow, Scott Edelman (m))

I hope to see some of you there! Please say hello if you see me!

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