Links: 05/16/14


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    Thanks! It’s fixed now. I need to find a different tool for compiling the links; the service I was using has changed some things around and I have to spend a lot of time editing HTML which, of course, then leads to coding errors.

  2. bluestgirlblog says

    Aaargh, I read an article I liked a lot about the fat girl monologue, analyzing it as something written by a guy as an apology rather than from the voice of an actual fat girl. Now I can’t find it.

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    I wonder how that prom story would have gone if they had staged a spontaneous sit-in. Would the other students have noticed, and also sat down?

    Very good Tobias Buckell article. Interesting to see his thought process there. I found *Crystal Rain* pretty readable, and liked that it didn’t sound just like most other stuff I read. The next one didn’t grab me as much, for whatever reason, but I don’t think it was the language/grammar.