Linkspam: 02/21/14

Art by Noel Badges Pugh

Art by Noel Badges Pugh



  1. nu says

    I really appreciated the Her article spoke a lot more respectfully about the influx of romance into SF. He made it clear that women have always written SF and also offered the perspective of people who enjoy romance in their SF, that they may not enjoy “emotionally sterile fiction” and that romance is responsible for mainstreaming -i.e. lining the pockets of creators of- SF.

  2. HelenS says

    I have to say it feels a little weird to see a link to Marge Piercy’s work in the same list as an article on how feminism is failing transgender women, given that she signed that “Forbidden Discourse” letter of a while back. (Note: I’m not saying you shouldn’t link to her. I’m just saying it feels weird.)

  3. Merrian says

    The lovely drawing of prunus flower blossoms would make a great tattoo. Great linkage as always. Thanks for that too :)